Parippu Pradhaman / Kerala Parippu Payasam


Moong daal- 500gms
Jaggery -1 kg( make a syrup of jaggery by adding 1glass of water)
Coconut-3 big nos
Cashew, kismiss
Cardamom (Crushed)

Parippu pradhaman recipe – A creamy and delicious kerala style payasam made during special occasions like onam,vishu etc. It is also called as Cherupayar parippu payasam.It is made with split yellow moong dal which is called cherupayar in malayalam.

This parippu pradhaman is a popular payasam in kerala made with moong dal, jaggery and coconut milk as main ingredients.This gives nice volume and easy to cook too so best when serving for a crowd.