Carrot Pudding


Carrot chopped – 1 cup ( I took 1 and a half carrot)
Milk – 2 cups
Condensed milk – half a cup
Sugar – 3TBS
Grated coconut – 2tbs
Chinagrass – 8 gms
Nuts 2tbs (cashewnuts,Pistachio,Almond crushed)

ndian Carrot Pudding is an simple dessert that resembles almost no dessert you find in the western world. Carrots, grated very fine, are stewn in milk and honey until soft and creamy, and then spiced with the typical warmth of India.

Finally raisins and cashews are folded in, like jewels waiting to be discovered. For it’s simplicity, it’s an impressive treat. The best way to describe this to someone that has never experienced it is by saying it’s like carrot cake in a bowl… with some Indian flare. Actually, the best way to explain it would just be to serve it and let everyone try if for themselves.