Chicken Nuggets | Easy Chicken Nuggets Recipe /Homemade Chicken Nuggets

These baked chicken nuggets are beautifully golden without having to pre-bake the crumbs. They are low fat, tender, juicy and kid friendly.


Boneless Chicken – 200 gms
Salt to taste
Chili flakes – 2 Tsp (optional)
Egg – 1 no.
Oil for deep frying


Take the boneless chicken pieces cut up into small pieces in a Jar
Add salt, ground pepper, garlic, in the jar and grind and coat the all purpose flour

Add some chili flakes in the breadcrumbs and mix them to make bread crumbs
Crack open an egg in a bowl and whisk it to make the egg wash
Take the flour coated chicken pieces and dip it into the egg wash and dip into the breadcrumbs and arrange all the breadcrumbs coated chicken pieces in a plate
Meanwhile, heat a pan with some oil for deep frying
Once the oil is hot, slowly add the chicken pieces into the hot oil and deep fry them till you get a golden brown color throughout